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Start at 90/10 and keep more of your hard-earned commissions

The more you look around, the more you will see the value of working with us.

Why Better Properties Sterling?

  • 90/10% split with a $7,000.00 office cap per anniversary year
  • When cap is met, you receive 100% of commission until your anniversary date
  • $50.00 per transaction fee
  • No "corporate" fees, technology fees, or franchise fees, just B&O, E&O, and L&I
  • Member of the National, State and local REALTOR associations

Better Properties Sterling provides: 

  • Office Administrator, sets up and maintains all sale, listing, and income records
  • Large professional office space conveniently located
  • Current technology
  • No fee resource area desk space
  • Low fee private office cubicles
  • Conference and education room
  • Unparalleled support from Designated Broker
  • Property Management division
  • Office space equipped with WIFI, Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax
  • Personal website with available
  • Only $500.00 fee to sell or buy your personal residence
  • ToolKit CMA available